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    Hello to all the people in this great forum.
    Could anyone be so kind to answer:
    Would the Yi 4k work with GoPro based mounts?
    I have the Freedom360 Trio Rig.
    Could I modify the Yi 4k with Entaniya 220 fisheye leses and use that instead of the GoPro’s?

    I am asking because I am running on a limited budget.

    P.S. : I am sorry if I’m repeating the same question from another topic but I could not delete my post.


    Michael Kintner
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    Hello Joseno

    360Rize in the next week will be releasing a whole new product line for Yi 4K and 4K Plus cameras camera arrays shown here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7IkCDcyvfo. They have already released the Uni360 shown here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLLFyf9-lCM that works with both GoPro and Yi cameras. They will have some really cool announcements at NAB 2017 and will be shipping a week before NAB 2017.   The really cool part is the VR rigs are all modular and interchangeable with one another and with the Yi rigs shortly after NAB they have a full cable sync solution. If you sign up for there newsletter here it will keep you informed. https://www.360rize.com/newsletter/

    Have a great day.



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    Thanks for the answer and I am looking forward to some of your products when I, hopefully, extend my equipment.
    Still, as far as I understand


    rigs cannot work with both GoPro’s and Yi cameras?

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