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    Frank Cornfield
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    I have just started shooting and stitching 360’s this week doing a few tests. I’m using a Nikon d800 with a Samyang 12mm 2.8 and a Novoflex slant head. First results have been very pleasing. This lens is superbly sharp.

    What is the best way to level the tripod head? I’m currently using a good ballhead that I use for shooting commercial stills work but this is difficult to level for 360’s. Any suggestions for a set-up that can be deployed quickly?


    Bill Gercken
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    This is what I use: http://www.reallyrightstuff.com/TA-U-LC-Universal-Leveling-Base-with-Clamp

    Huge improvement over trying to use the ball head. There are others out there. Be sure to buy an adapter plate that fits your pano-head. Down side is that it is expensive.



    Luc Villeneuve
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    Personally, if conditions are difficult and cannot level my tripod perfectly, I do it in PTGui. Autopano can also do that. You need some vertical point in you image like buildings, posts, etc.

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