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    Hey all. Hoping some of you may be able to help… A few of us have got together over the last few months have been developing a ‘beta’ version for a new 360 based video website. It’s a place where producers & creators of 360 degree videos can easily upload and share videos for the world or even just your clients for free. (Similar to Instagram/youtube but just for 360 content!)

    We have integrated the latest 360 uploading software and players that are both responsive on desktop and mobiles for the users. Users have the option to Donate towards future projects, follow your profile, show they like your work (Appreciations), comment and share your content across a wide range of external channels. You will also have the option to set up links to your website and social media accounts for users to take a look at too which in turn will also help for your SEO.

    Along with a healthy marketing budget, we already have over 500,000 fans & subscribers under the topic of 360 videos and we are very confident the site will be visited by thousands of people from when we launch in just 2 weeks time and continue to grow rapidly.

    Before we launch we’re inviting 360 video producers/creators free access to upload your work to our 360 community. If you choose to create a free account before we launch, as a thank you we will give you a free unlimited membership for life, including unlimited video uploads. No contracts, no fee’s, no payments at all. Not only that, when we launch your videos and account will be exposed to thousands of people. You would be helping us out and all we ask in return is your feedback. If anyone is interested please email mrjaengland@gmail.com and I will give you the unique URL login. Thanks in advance

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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