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    Kristina Tenhaft
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    Hi guys,

    we have developed a tool, where you can upload your panorama pictures and add virtual objects (see here: https://www.holobuilder.com/explore?page=details&id=5100102670614528) and virtual information (see here: https://www.holobuilder.com/app/index.html#player/4856128127107072). This way you can easily enrich your awesome panoramic shots with further objects and information.

    Usage of the tool is for free and as we are a startup all we are looking for is feedback and maybe some advise on how to make great panoramic shots. As you will see, we are currently taking our 360° panoramas with a Ricoh Theta or smartphones, so we don’t have to stitch, but the quality is a problem for us.

    If you want to check our our tool this is the link: https://www.holobuilder.com/index.html

    I’d love to hear from you, if HoloBuilder is something you’d like to use or you don’t see any usecases for. And if you have any ideas for better quality shots, that won’t be to difficult for somebody just a bit into photographie please let me know.
    Thanks a lot,


    Miley Brown
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    Hi Krissy, This seems to be a very useful tool. but I want to know that can we use this tool to create a virtual tour of home models and interiors?


    Miley Brown
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    Hi Krissy, Can we use this tool for making 3d virtual tour home models?


    Dori Raco
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    yes, Holobuilder can be used to make virtual tours.
    It is already being used by some Real Estate agents.
    here’s a link:
    And here is the link to the virtual tour that this agent offers:
    And here’s another one, with a custom 3D object added (notice the little table next to the TV):
    hope this helps,


    Kelly Bellis
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    Hello BitStars Mo, Krissy and all of the crew at HoloBuilder,

    Congratulations on being awarded the Theta Developers Grand Prize and thank you very much for starting this ambitious project. It is a very nice start to what looks like could become an awesome service. I have prepared some feedback and emailed it directly to you in regards to my first round of tests; i.e., https://www.holobuilder.com/explore?page=details&id=6399388561702912, but also thought my first post on IVRPA should be in honor of what you’ve started. Top marks.


    Ron Potts
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    I am new to the forum and just stumbled across this link and this software is phenomenal. I hope the programmers are still following. I have a few questions about your product.
    1. I saw that the one example was a lower quality panoramic and I saw the one on your webpage was higher quality is there a limit on the file size? Can higher quality larger files be downloaded?
    2. Where are the tours hosted?
    3. Is the final product cross platform compatible?
    I like this and I am very interested in your product. I am sorry if this has been covered and may have been covered.

    Thank you


    Kelly Bellis
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    Hi Ron,

    From my tests done just yesterday, 1) the equirectangular 360 x 180 panoramas that users prepare and upload during tour creation chiefly determine the image quality, 2) the tours that you create through HoloBuilder.com are 3) hosted by them which can be viewed by any device having a web browser. When you’re ready, your tour can be shared straightup or embedded; e.g.,

    HoloBuilder Test 1

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