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    Ignacio Mijares
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    First off let me introduce my self. I’m Ignacio from Mexico. I’m new to virtual photography and wan’t to start a small business by making virtual tours. I see a potential market in my home town and not to many people are offering this service at the moment.

    So first let me tell you about what I currently have.

    – Ricoh Theta S
    – 3D Vista Pro

    I was given the Ricoh as a present and thats how I eneded up here! After some investigating, I found that people who offer this service here, either charge to much/clients are not willing to pay the amount, or even maybe clients find to confusing on how to integrate the tour into their website.

    Regarding the price, I think this can be related to the fact that making a virtual tour with a proper dslr camera can take lots of time with the actual shooting and the stitching.

    I like that with the Ricoh Theta S the time spent doing virtual tours is largely reduced. The downside obviously is the quality, although it ain’t that bad and I think it’s rather acceptable when placed under right conditions, but of course not close to a dslr. I can see that if this turns out to be a nice business, I will eventually have to get a proper DSLR.

    So, that will be my approach: making a virtual tour as easy and fast as possible, and of course offering a cheaper price, in part because of the shorter time it will take me to produce it. The cons of this will be that they won’t be DSLR quality. Of course, I wanted to ask for your advice on this idea.

    As a note, people here can charge in average maybe 400-600 usd equivalent for a residential virtual tour. I was thinking charging maybe 200-450 usd per tour. What do you think?

    Now, about building my website with a portafolio, I started a small web on Wix, but was wondering if this is the best platform? I just need to figure out how to host my tours so they are available all the time. 3D Vista offers a 90 day free hosting so it works for now but will eventually end. I’m not sure if Wix has this type of hosting, or do I need to have my own hosting?

    Related to this, when the time comes (and I hope it comes soon) that I finish a clients tour, in your experience, is the integration to their website easy? Do they normally have their website admin upload it? If not, how much trouble will this be?

    I hope it’s all clear and sorry for the long post!

    Thanks in advance!



    Jürgen Schrader
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    I suggest you learn to publish your own panoramas on your own webspace to get an idea what is needed and how much work that is before you offer that service for a client.

    As for the tours I think it depends a lot on how much emphasis you put on the photography part and how uch on the tour-building part. While you can cut on teh photogrpahy using a Theta, you will not be able to cut on the tour building as that in both cases will be the same.


    Ignacio Mijares
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    Hello Jürgen,

    I appreciate the response. I have my website running, and i’m currently using 3d Vista’s hosting service (first 90 days for free). Please feel free to give your opinion, It would be really helpful!

    I only have 2 tours done as of today. They were relatively easy to do, especially taking the pictures. I then slightly edited them on Lightroom before importing into 3d Vista. I agree with what you said. The time spent on the tour building depends on how much detail you want to add.

    For the house tour, it took me maybe 20-30 minutes taking the pictures and 2-3 hrs. building the tour and uploading it.

    I know the quality is not the best, but as I said, many people here, especially in real estate are not willing to pay for a proper tour.

    Have you heard of 360cities.net as a hosting service? I found it to be cheaper than 3d Vista’s.
    Here are 3d vistas prices

    1Gb: 99€ / year
    2Gb: 149€ / year
    3GB: 199€ / year
    4GB: 249€ / year
    5GB: 299€ / year


    EDIT: for the house tour, I decided not to use a lot of hot spots (mainly for advancing into other rooms) and a thumbnail menu, since I prefer a cleaner view of the room, but that is just my opinion.

    What do you think?

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