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    Dear colleagues, I have developed a new photographic technique, which has never been described before.

    It is a technique that allows to make stereoscopic panoramas, using three nodal panoramas.

    But we cannot talk about stereoscopic panoramas, because it is not a technique of capture with nodal misalignment, so I prefer to call it Omnidirectional Stereography, in short: Omnistereo.

    To make the capture, it is necessary a “Circular FishEye”. Capture base 90º.
    The three positions of the tripod should form an equilateral triangle. The distance between the vertices will be the interaxial distance, and for the moment we are going to limit this distance to four centimeters.

    Send me the 12 photos, and I’ll process them myself.
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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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