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    Steve Clarke
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    I’ve been using Pannellum for a while, which is great, but it is quite fiddly to create tours (editing json etc.).

    So, I’ve created a free interactive tour editor which I’ve put on Github. Binaries can be downloaded from http://www.trumpton.uk/panomanager.

    It’s early stages, but the basic functionality is there – i.e. import equirectangular images, which are automatically converted to cube faces (allowing you to edit / remove tripods etc), add hotspots / links, export a bundle for upload to a webserver; and manage/control a third party web server for testing.

    Your views would be appreciated …

    Thanks, Steve


    Simon Shaw
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    Hi Steve

    This a great tool.
    Is it possible to export to Pannallum format using the original Equirectangular images? I’m looking for a quick way to create scenes and hotspots for low resolution files. I can use the application as is – but I’m then having to replace the references to the multires files back to Equirectangular and the export takes a very long time to create the multires cubic tiles when it is just the config file that I’m after to set the views and hotspots.


    Steve Clarke
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    Hi Simon,

    The long time to export the multires tiles is probably my fault, and I am sure there is a far more efficient way of doing it, but I ended up coming up with something that worked, so didn’t pursue it further (apart from the low-res version for easy manipulation).

    There is a correlation between the size of the original equirectangular image, the size of the facexxx.png files and the number of multi-res images exported – if you look in an exported image folder, you will see subdirectories called 1, 2, 3 etc. and the higher the resolution, the more subdirectories you will see, and these files are reflected in the configuration, so its not quite so simple.

    You can bypass the generation of the 6 faces … If you were to create any old image (the image is used as a reference, and in your case, will not be loaded), and a folder of the same name (without the extension), and place into the folder six png files called face000.png … face005.png, and in the tool, under Scenes, make sure “load Hi-Res” is ticked, the program should work with your hi-res faces.

    When you export, it will still create the multires files, but the panellum or marzipano configuration files will contain a compatible configuration.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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