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    Frank Cornfield
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    Do you use a dedicated pano hosting site (Roundme… etc) and provide finished work to clients via an iFrame or provide them with files for their sites?

    I have only completed a few client projects and in these cases, I supplied the completed project as a Pano2VR “Package” for installation on WordPress sites.


    daniel andrews
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    Great question! I have been searching all day for a professional panorama hosting site that has good seo


    Sam Rohn
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    i use and recommend Siteground as a web host for my own 360 vr panorama websites, good prices, solid service and support


    Amazon Web Services S3 is a good choice for hosting large virtual tours, seee this tutorial on hosting panos with AWS S3


    SEO (search engine optimization) is something you must build into a self-hosted site yourself, not really affected by which hosting service you use as long as they are not wix or similar low end or free thing

    if you do not want to deal with setting up and running your own server, roundme is a good option


    but normally, i do not provide tour hosting for my clients, i provide them a zip archive of a finished tour i created with krpano or kolor panotour or pano2vr etc and they host it on their own server



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    Although we are focused more on the consumer 360 segment, you may want to try out Momento360 if you want a quick-and-easy free solution (I can imagine it would be useful if you want to do some back-and-forth with a client before you send them finals). We default to private and have multiple sharing control options, including via anonymous web link (example here), so you can pick/choose what to share. Viewers can view on the web.

    There’s scant documentation (we’re working on it now!) but feel free to contact support@momento360.com if you have questions.


    Keith Martin
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    Adding to this, 360Cities is worth checking out. You have unlimited uploads, and Pro accounts include embedding in third party sites with control over the display.



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    Generally I deliver the complete project, which is housed in the client’s hosting. So far it has been the most efficient

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