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    HI ALL!
    The softwares of panovideo and panolive were finally realeased ! http://www.panomore.com
    panovideo :
    1 support all the panoramic camera video stitching.
    2 support any number of lens and len types of video stitching.
    3 in the panoramic view of the stitching before you can customize and add logo.
    4 both support the video action synchronization, but also to support the voice synchronization.
    5 support 4K video hard coding and decoding.
    panolive :
    1 supports HDMI capture cards from Magewell for audio and video inputs
    2 supports camera calibration, manual view orientation adjustment, and automatic and manual exposure correction
    3 supports 4K @ 30fps real time stitching
    4 supports live streaming through RTSP and RTMP protocols
    5 supports recording audio and video to local hard disks

    You can download them from http://www.panomore.com/view/download.html5 and trial it !
    We hope to receive comments from the VR experts so that we can improve our applications.
    You can send your point of view, comments, suggestions and even criticisms to our mailbox: contact@vrdongli.com. we will be carefully to read the message, and expressed sincere thanks!



    ball zheng
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    Hi all!
    I am very sorry to tell you, because of my carelessness, the software of the panovideo and panolive download link address is wrong. The correct download link address: http://www.panomore.com/view/download.html
    Say sorry to everyone again !

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