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    Pixvana has a cloud based system to make 360 video easier and easy to distribute higher quality video on the headsets. (also supports web and device playback) The Pro version used by Enterprises includes in VR editing of advanced creation of training videos and tours.

    We’ve now opened up a Spin Lite version for free that includes many features.

    This is a great tool for anyone creating 360 content. Easy to supply users with codes to view on headsets or links for webpage. Ability to also pair headsets so specific hmds can be targeted. Player allows streaming or download of playlist of videos. No need to sideload or other processes.Update the videos at any time and viewer sees update.

    Excellent for reviews and projects. Full pure optimized 5.7k from 6k, 8k, etc, on Quest and Rift. Ability to set up playlists with custom skybox and logo, great for showing clients a branded experience. (Handles 360/180/variable, mono/stereo)

    Supports a presentation mode from laptop (Mac or PC) to show in sync to multiple headsets with presenter display showing where each viewer is looking at in the video. Godo for presentations, including film festivals. Option to autoplay and other film festival modes.

    Would love for people to try it out and any feedback or feature requests you might have.

    Spin Lite Signup

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