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    Hemant Chabria
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    Hi – I am just starting with Ricoh Theta S , I want to start with a white label Google Business View & 360 Video …What would be the Best way to go forward …

    Hemant Chabria


    Luc Villeneuve
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    Hi Hermant,

    You should seek information on Google web site.

    Hopefully, you are a member of the Google Business View program which would be the first step but I am not sure.



    Hemant Chabria
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    I have edited the nadir in photoshop …now how do i put the meta data for google street view or any other site ?

    Hemant Chabria


    Sam Rohn
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    here are a few tutorials on adding google street view photosphere metadata to existing panos using ExifTool





    also see this forum post for more info on spherical panorama metadata

    360 Metadata: how? what?



    Modobay Team
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    Hey Hemant, you can check out our platform at Modobay to upload your Ricoh S photos of your real estate tour on our site. Let us know what you think!

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