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    Dustin Kerstein
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    Please let me know if a little shameless self-promotion is against the rules. Apologies in advance.

    We just launched our Kickstarter yesterday for PanoMoments – a totally different way to create engaging 360 VR experiences. I’d love to hear any feedback you have on either the concept or the Kickstarter itself. Below are few examples of the kind of content you can capture. It’s actually much easier than you would expect to create them.

    Journalistic – https://www.panomoments.com/m/intersection
    Motion Parallax – https://www.panomoments.com/m/watertower-inside
    Family Memories – https://www.panomoments.com/m/baby
    Timelapse – https://www.panomoments.com/m/grand-central
    Landscape – https://www.panomoments.com/m/billboard-one

    What do you think? Would you be interested in capturing them? Any and all feedback would really be appreciated. And if you like the concept, please consider spreading the word.



    Luc Villeneuve
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    Hi Dustin,

    Of course it is a self-promotion post but sometimes we see great new products.

    I wanted to give it a try but I got an error message that says Safari is incompatible, Google Chrome required. I launch Google Chrome but I got another error message. You need to update your version of chrome! I didn’t update my Chrome and left your site. Bad user experience.



    Dustin Kerstein
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    Hey Luc,

    Sorry you weren’t able to view the demo. We’re just getting off the ground and chose to focus on only Desktop Chrome and Mobile iOS / Android support for the Kickstarter preview. We just didn’t want to worry about all the cross-browser idiosyncrasies at this point yet. I realize this is far from ideal, and soon after the Kickstarter we will be adding other browser support.

    If you decide it give it another chance, I’d recommending trying it out on your phone (iOS 10 / Android 6.0 or later) as it’s really a much more engaging experience compared to Desktop. I’d definitely appreciate hearing your thoughts if you get it working.



    Aaron D. Priest
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    I’ve been talking to Dustin about his new platform for several days now. It’s an incredible method of viewing 360 content–not quite a video, not quite a still, a new hybrid approach that lets you move back and forth through time at your own leisure. It’s a new tool to tell a story in a different way. It won’t work for every scene, but I see so much potential for this and wholeheartedly support it! Check out one of my 360 timelapses of the Milky Way to see what I mean: https://panomoments.com/m/aaronpriest-huntersbeach

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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