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    Jasmine DeFoore
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    Can google streetview content be captured and used for commercial real estate listings? I have heard different things regarding this and am trying to find a definitive answer.

    Over a year ago, I heard that because it was commercial advertising usage, it was against their T&C. Then I heard that they ‘relaxed’ the rules.

    If someone has a link to Googles terms & conditions that would cover this, I’d really appreciate it.

    Thank you!


    Sam Rohn
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    i have not read the T&C lately myself, but i cannot recall ever seeing anything saying GSV panos cannot be used for RE, do you have any specific links saying one way or the other ?







    Bryn Erickson
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    Check out these commercial examples. Processed through my company Realvision. I’d be happy to hook you guys up with some account credits if you would like to check it out. No stitching, no drafting. It’s pretty slick.





    Aaron Geis
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    This thread is a bit old but I thought I’d post this as a reference.

    Under Google’s Privacy & Blurring – Everyone Else’s Content – Private property: You should not publish imagery from personal residences. Imagery from other private locations should not be published without the owner’s consent.

    In the Street View Trusted program the support staff have said that private residences are off limits.

    That said, I have published a family reunion pano taken in a vacation home. It is in my Contributions and I can share it and embed it but it doesn’t show up as a blue dot on the map.

    So I think you may be able to use the Street View system for free hosting but there are many other options available now so I wouldn’t recommend it.


    Kevin Leetch
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    I have asked several times via the trusted members forum and by email about rules about property listings but had no replies to date. I have however seen on the Google developers API site that several real estate companies do have their own maps powered by google maps on their own sites and are listed as examples by Google. I believe these were built with the Google API. They have an option to search for a property via map search and you just click on the flag for the property . It then opens Street view etc. I also think it may be possible to build your own local maps with google mapmaker (although this is being replaced soon )

    This the link to RedFin Real Estate and also the Google API site if any help



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