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    Liz Bujaki
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    Contact information on home page does not seem to be active to pose my question so I am posting it on this forum in hopes that someone can direct me to the proper source of information for my inquiry:
    This summer I am involved in a professional development course called Thinglink VR challenge. One of the assignment we have to create is using a 360 image. I would very much like to do my assignment on Quebec City and would like to use a 360 image on Quebec City, in particular Chateau Frontenac and surrounding locations. How do I go about downloading panoramas from your site. Is there a fee? I would be happy to put a hotspot on the image in ThinglinkVR with a direct link back to the photos on IVPRA image page.


    Sam Rohn
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    hi liz

    contact info for IVRPA board of directors is here


    IVRPA does not own the rights to any images on this site, all panoramas and other images are owned by that image’s author, and using any panorama or other image you see on the internet requires getting permission from the author, you will see a name or link on or below the image or pano showing author name, and you would need to contact this person and deal directly with them

    if you are looking to create your own 360° images, we have a list of tutorials and other resources here




Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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