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    Sam Rohn
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    VideoStitch is now free open source software!

    Vahana VR & VideoStitch Studio: software to create immersive 360° VR video, live and in post-production.

    The software was originally developed by VideoStitch SAS. After the company folded in early 2018, the source code was acquired by the newly founded non-profit organization stitchEm, to publish it under a free software license.

    download and more info here –




    Rob Matthews
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    Included I have a video of a video I am watching that I made with the acer holo360. How do I view the file created … an .mp4 that’s sideways with a bunch of qr codes…. on my desktop and ideally incorporate into a WordPress site? Is there a name for the sphere-like presentation I show and zoom into?


    Thomas Pape
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    This looks really interesting! I’m not that good at compiling software, so if anyone would like to make me a version that runs on windows 10 x64, I would very much appreciate it :-)


    Brian Richards
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    New version and executables available for Windows and Mac see https://github.com/stitchEm/stitchEm/releases/tag/v2.4.0

    Brian Richards
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