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    Marcel Cicort
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    I am interested in creating and hosting on my website 360 degree virtual tours. Especially for Real Estate Properties which I need to host since any or all of the present systems are unable to correctly display a 360 degree virtual tour. Only Facebook at import has a feature to accept then display a 360 degree photo sphere. See this website in Houston – https://www.houston360photo.com/houston-real-estate-360-virtual-tour/ it has an amazing Real Estate Viewer but for the life of me I don’t know what tool is he using to first create the tour (import images) then create the constellation (links), with information next to the actual arrow or link then add some hotspots which are really cool.

    I have tried every wordpress plugin available on the market and there are weak at best. I checked lots of online systems. Some only display products, etc, etc – it seems that the keyword 360 virtual tour is being used for a variety of other things and now that special cameras have been built and Google is supporting independents posting “see inside” virtual tours on Google Maps/Street View – there are few tools and or they are again used for other purposes.



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    to create a tour like your example you need an application like pano2vr or panotour

    see this page for more information on creating 360° virtual tours –




    Frank Cornfield
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    Use your browser to access the code behind the page. I use Chrome and F12 displays the code and you can see what elements are loaded to view the page.


    saul burgos
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    Well, I guess you only have the option to hire a developer and try to create a custom solution.

    You can use one of them

    Create virtual tours for free in minutes without programming skills with Paneek. Fronted Web developer and Founder of paneek. info@paneek.net


    vilop nabil
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    try marzipano


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