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    Piero Brustin
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    I’m looking for a tool to create virtual tours and virtual reality for use with cardboard. I need to have icons on the screen (hotspots) for the user to change scene when positioning the look on these icons.

    I found Viar360.com to have an excellent solution, but money is a problem to start a Startup. They charge $ 299.00 per month.

    Thank you.


    Ara Parikh
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    The best tool for creating interactive 360 / VR is OmniVirt’s VR Player. You can read more about interactive hotspots here.

    This video shows how you build the interactive hotspots–it’s just a matter of simply selecting where in the footage you want to place a hotspot.


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    Hello! Check out Kuula. We’ve just launched Gaze Navigation on mobile, watch the video to see how it works: NEW FEATURE! Gaze hotspot activation in VR!.

    Kuula is a FAST and EASY way to build virtual tours. You will be able to link your 360 photos, add hotspots with text, images or videos, and all that within minutes!

    Read the Tutorial and let us know at contact@kuula.co if you have any questions.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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