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    Hi Everyone!

    Glad to join this amazing community finally. Newbie here. A lot to learn. Help me along please!

    I am Boni Gopalan – an engineer by profession. I co-founded WalkInto a year back in Pune, India. It is a tool to create overlays for Google Streetview. Product is currently in beta with around 700 panoramic users. Mostly Google Trusted Photographers. We wish to see a lot more recreational story telling also happen on WalkInto.

    I am looking forward to getting criticism and feedback from you on how to do things better with WalkInto. We want to build a product that is easy to use and can be used both commercially and recreationally by every panoramic photographer.

    Here is our Team WalkInto

    thank you
    Boni Gopalan
    Founder & CTO, WalkInto.



    Streetview With a Story.


    Sam Rohn
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    • ★★★★

    hi boni, welcome aboard :)

    i have changed this post from a news article to a forum post as news does not allow replies or feedback as you requested here

    also i have not yet properly documented news posts or implemented display etc, so i have switched off member news posts for now until i can get all of that sorted…

    in the meantime, EVERYONE should feel free to use the forums, that is what they are here for :)




    Raju Alagawadi
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    Mr. Gopalan,

    My name is Raju Alagawadi from Worcester, MA. USA. What are the opportunities for me as a Google Trusted Photographer for over three years, besides real estate, sports and nature photographer for more than 30 years?



    Raju Alagawadi


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    Hello Raju,

    Our inspiration for building WalkInto has been the outstanding custom work Google produced on Streetview.  Such as

    We believe Streetview can be an excellent story telling medium.  These stories can be commercial or recreational.  WalkInto want to be your platform of choice for such stories.

    We know that this is a long road and in many cases futuristic.  There has to be a market.  We are strongly encouraged when leading brands are starting to use this medium for creating digital assets for marketing.  Along this path there is going to be many opportunities of varying sizes.  Currently we are at a level where we have a tool that adds tremendous value to See Inside for large properties.

    Imagine a large resort deciding to do a Google Busines View covering 100 panos.  This decision itself can never happen – if the decision maker does his or her research.  The elephant in the room is that, without an overlay system like WalkInto, a Google Business View more than 10 panos is impossible to navigate with chevron arrows and clumsy elevator widget.  But with WalkInto in the context such a decision makes absolute sense.  Now imagine the ability to make that tour more powerful by adding near by attractions from Streetview.   But there is no need to imagine since 100s of such tours exist today on WalkInto.



    Or take the case of an 800 pano hospital shoot from downtown San Francisco.  Can someone ever see the key areas of that property without a WalkInto?


    Or take the case of enterprising photographers convincing Chambers of commerce from all parts of North America to create visual directories of their members as a WalkInto. Such as this one.


    My point is that there are opportunities that are specific to local markets, your clientele and industries.  What we have created is a well supported easy platform to enhance everything on Google Virtual tour platform.  There are a lot of stories to tell.

    Glad you asked, and glad you decided to join WalkInto.

    thank you

    Boni Gopalan



    Streetview With a Story.


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    I have worked with Walkinto and have to say they have excellent customer service – friendly and helpful.

    I think they must be drones and just never need sleep!

    Dennis Frost - Vancouver Island, BC
    Real Estate, Google Street View|Trusted, Virtual tours

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