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    I am a 360VR producer with lots of contents in 360 photos (jpg), 360 videos (mp4) and 360 photo tour files (html5). I’d like to build a new company website which can show my contents by selecting different categories, below listed are all my requests:

    1. The website and all its contents can be seen in different platform including Windows, Mac, Android and IOS devices.
    2. VR function can be selected for viewing the contents in VR mode with Google glasses and so on, just like the VR function on Youtube.
    3. Support 4K resolution 360 video (streaming to view will be good).
    4. No watermark nor ads appearing if for third party hosting.
    5. Own QR code can be generated for jumping to my website.
    6. Adding or changing contents frequently by myself easily without any web technique.
    7. Company website APP can be created and can be download in Google and Apple store for free (Optional).
    8. I am a Mac user, so such requirements can be operating in Mac computer.

    Can anyone kindly give me a suggestion for how I can make it as I have no idea in web developing. Any solution for choosing web and/or contents hosting under my requirements?

    Can InstaVR fulfil my request? Or any other solution will be inexpensive? Or even any freelance web designer can do for me?


    Elston Baretto
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    I’d recommend using a tool like marzipano to upload and convert your images into into a website and uploading it to tiiny.host to publish it onto the web.


    Justin Ferber
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    Hi, Simply join luxuryvr360.com that is why we have set up the site. If you have any problems building your profile please let One of the admins know.

    Justin Ferber

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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