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    Welcome to the new IVRPA website !

    you can read a bit about the new site here

    Welcome to IVRPA 2015 New Website!

    we have imported all current IVRPA member accounts from the old IVRPA website, but you will have to reset your password using the email address you are registered with (NOT your user name) before you can log in here, please use the reset password link and you will receive new login/pass info
    if you are not sure of your email address having problems logging in, please contact bod@ivrpa.org and we will get you sorted

    the previous IVRPA website has been moved to http://archive.ivrpa.org, where it will remain as a static archive, no more logins or signups over there

    this new site is still a work in progress, stay tuned for more updates and enhancements :)

    otherwise, please feel free to reply to this topic with any questions or suggestions or comments etc

    thanks :)



    Dvir-Horef Hazan
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    Awesome work!

    Do or do not, there is no pie.

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