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    Christian Obel
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    So, I have been making 360s for almost 10 years using a Canon 5d mark II and 15mm fisheyes (Canon and Sigma) for most of them. Now I’m getting tired of dragging the equipment around with me, so I’m thinking of going smaller and lighter for some of the 360s.

    The family recently bought a Sony APS-C camera for everyday use, so I think that now is the time to do some 1:1 quality / feature comparison. But what fisheye to get? It has to be E mount, that’s it!

    This has probably been answered before, but searching didn’t reveal the answer :-(

    Best Regards


    Jürgen Schrader
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    Two options
    1. 7 Artisans
    2. Samyang 7.5 mm with nodal ninja conversion kit.
    I have both but I’m your case recommend 7 Artisans. Just make sure you get a copy where the sunshade is t glued. There are versions where it just can be unscrewed.


    Christian Obel
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    Hi there,

    Thanks for the suggestions. They both look interesting. What’s your opinion on image quality? What do you prefer?

    Best regards


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    Any recommendations for the Sony a7iii?

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