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    Jesse Roros
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    Hi Sam! I think I know the answer to my question already from reading some of your input on other threads, but I need to confirm it… I bought an Iris360 from Nctech to do virtual tours of businesses. I did my qualifying images for Google Street View and I am now a Google Trusted Photographer. I took the 360’s for my first client yesterday, which is a Toyota dealership. I will use PTGui to stitch. I need to place the tour I make on their google listing using street view. Because I was approved after August 25th of Thai year, I am denied access to the current desktop street view editor. To the extent of my knowledge I am relegated to trying to assemble the tour from the street view app on my cell phone. Aren’t Kolor Panotour Pro or Pano2vr compatible with Google Street View? What are my options?

    Also, they want to show car interiors of the cars in their showroom. I could do this with hotspots with panotour or pano2vr right? But could I get that tour I build on either of those platforms onto Google Street View?

    Help! Lol


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