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    There’s two aspects to this..

    1. The equi rectangular image size you have to work with locally
    2. The size of the image(s) when hosted that your viewers have to download

    You want your source image to be as large as possible when photoshopping or stitching etc but you want the web version to download fast and I think that’s what you’re asking about?

    I use some tour software that supports multi0resolution images and breaks the equi down into tiles.
    I consider this vital functionality as a lot of our 360 photos are viewed by tourists who might be charged for excessive data usage or might be on relatively poor wifi while on holidays.

    Personally my equi rectangular images are 14000 x 7000 with some being produced at 8000 x 4000
    It really depends on the final use case. With the larger resolution images I can comfortably go fullscreen on my iMac and it looks good. if the photos is just going to be embedded on Facebook then I generally go smaller.

    Not sure if I can post the name of my tour software here but I’ll PM you if interested.

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    Hi Harrison
    I haven’t done too much S3 hosting but you might check the following.

    Are any files missing from the upload? If your browser tab has a title then you’ve got your html file there but what about all your JS files and or images?

    Have you tried to do a web inspect using the Chrome Dev toolbar? This will often flag missing files etc

    Does the 360 work before you upload it? Does it work when uploaded to a different host?

    Feel free to pop me the link and I’ll have a look if it’s not under NDA etc

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