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    Joergen Geerds
    Joergen Geerds
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    I am looking at the 3 most recent BoD notes: July 3, July 24 and Sept 6, 2019.

    The July 3 notes have 12 topics listed, the first 6 have some sparse notes below, topics 7-12 are not elaborated at all. similar patterns in the next ones, and the same for the prior notes.

    It is next to impossible for members to follow along what the BoD does or talks about. Topics are rarely “closed”, no final agreement or decision is made, or at least noted in the BoD notes. Topics are started “out of the blue” and then dropped and never mentioned again. Some topics are not mentioned at all.

    Since the BoD notes are the record-keeping instrument of the organization, this is very bad service for the membership, in any regard. i would suggest to adhere to a more stringent structure of the meetings and the resulting notes instead of free-wheeling chats. this can be done as collaborative note taking, as well as “previous topic, updates, ongoing, resolved” and “new topic, problem, solution, assignment, resolve” structures.

    Looking at discussions happening amongst IVRPA members, many topics that matter to the members are not even talked about.

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