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    Ignacio Mijares
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    Hello Jürgen,

    I appreciate the response. I have my website running, and i’m currently using 3d Vista’s hosting service (first 90 days for free). Please feel free to give your opinion, It would be really helpful!

    I only have 2 tours done as of today. They were relatively easy to do, especially taking the pictures. I then slightly edited them on Lightroom before importing into 3d Vista. I agree with what you said. The time spent on the tour building depends on how much detail you want to add.

    For the house tour, it took me maybe 20-30 minutes taking the pictures and 2-3 hrs. building the tour and uploading it.

    I know the quality is not the best, but as I said, many people here, especially in real estate are not willing to pay for a proper tour.

    Have you heard of as a hosting service? I found it to be cheaper than 3d Vista’s.
    Here are 3d vistas prices

    1Gb: 99€ / year
    2Gb: 149€ / year
    3GB: 199€ / year
    4GB: 249€ / year
    5GB: 299€ / year


    EDIT: for the house tour, I decided not to use a lot of hot spots (mainly for advancing into other rooms) and a thumbnail menu, since I prefer a cleaner view of the room, but that is just my opinion.

    What do you think?

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