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    Bill Bailey
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    From a business POV we have both lost – we lost and IVRPA lost through lack of further investment. We learn, grow and move on.
    On a personal level – thank you! It helps to bring closure to the past while clearing roads for the future.

    I’m not gone just less in the light.

    I know some may disagree but IMhO:
    My hopes are the IVRPA will view the current position with ongoing concerns as a time for a rebirth. And that the rebirth starting anew will forgive and include reinstating old memberships and to also offer free limited memberships to the new. If voices are presented directors of IVRPA should participate and approach them with objectiveness and transparency regardless of disagreements or apparent bitterness. IVRPA can be much bigger than that. Listen to all voices – they voice for reason of clarity understanding and change. And no volunteers – pay BoD’s so commitment and expectations are adhered to. And it’s ok to address Facebook concerns – the world is watching. Just sayin’

    By changing nothing, nothing changes.” —Tony Robbins

    All the best

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    Bill Bailey
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    I don’t mind airing laundry.

    At the Iceland conference, we accepted the challenge to find a location and to do all the groundwork in setting up for the next greatest venue. Original instructions and objectives were given to us by Carlos (then president). I asked how many people they would anticipate – his reply was hopefully about 120. I mentioned we would shoot for a much higher number. Knowing Nodal Ninja had a nice budget in place we were ready to hit the ground running.

    Jeff Handley was going to head this up for us. Wasn’t but only a few weeks we lost Jeff as he ventured back into business for himself so I did all the leg work and actually enjoyed the process.

    IVRPA knew about our unveiling of the Autmated Tera in Vegas and Jurgen asked for needed information about our speaker John Borden of Pease River Studios.

    JS quote:
    “and would need some keywords and some images asap now :-)”
    Jurgen lining out asap and stating “now” implied immediately. So we asked John to drop everything he was doing as JS needed completed speaker checklist “now”. Over the course of “several” days, he was sending over questions asking if it was good enough or if he needed more – Jurgen never responded. It wasn’t until I asked Jurgen if he’s receiving the stuff ok (he would always reply to my emails quickly).

    JS quote:
     “But as we are running this association besides our business and without payment, priorities have to he carefully considered.  Please be patient, nothing gets lost. “
    Overworked and underpaid – I get it!
    Both John and Nick (cc’d) felt JS’s reply was a bit disrespectful and unprofessional.

    In Vegas, we were investing big. It’s expensive to fly back and forth numerous times and we did many weekend drives. We were going to pay for big advertising, do street card handouts, and develop big press surrounding the event and all at no expense to IVRPA. We met and worked with Vegas Chamber of Commerce who offered free excursions and BIG discounts to participants (none of which I believe was ever offered). Some of our own prize giveaways included heli-tours to the Grand Canyon and Hoover Damn, plus heaps of product giveaways.  To support this we were aiming participation of over 250 people.

    At the very last moment, we learned IVRPA had other ideas and was not as keen on expanding the event. Policies such as “members only” created a closed-door venue – not what a sponsor needs.  This meant a participant would have to join IVRPA before they can buy event tickets.

    JS quote:
     “from the sponsor’s and salesman’s point of view, you, of course, want to have as many people around there as possible ^^ but for us, we have to take a little bit more into consideration as “just masses” cannot be our aim.”
    This is contrary to what we were led to believe by Carlos and totally deflated our bubble. As a sponsor, we needed to consider the fact that if we continue on we would still need to pay sponsorship fees, hotel rooms for our employees and the dealers. We already paid for the plane tickets of some of our dealers (non-refundable). We would also need to pay for promised private excursions (as we did in Iceland), private dinner (as we did in Prague) and more. There would be a great deal more coming up in expenses as well.  Realizing now we were looking at an expected turn out closer to 100 we knew this would turn into another loss for us which we could not afford. Financial it made more sense to cut our losses and pull out rather than paying more knowing the money would never be recuperated.

    Jurgen never once contacted us after we made our decision to pull out.


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    Bill Bailey
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    Dear Board of Directors,
    Firstly we would like to welcome Juan Camilo Infante to the BoD.

    We, as a sponsor, would like to share some growing concerns about the current state of affairs. Social media seems to be ablaze with negative commentary that does not bode well for the IVRPA.

    We realize everyone on the BoD are volunteers – we hear that frequently and we get it. This may also be a core reason so much of this seems to be building up. Just not enough chefs in the kitchen to feed everyone so things tend to get backed up. But from “our” perspective it appears something may burning in the kitchen.

    By sponsoring the IVRPA we are not only paying for the banner ad but we are also showing our support to the organization and the community for which it stands. Some very serious eyebrow-raising allegations are being made and questions being asked by some very credible and well-respected individuals. From what we read it appears some of the IVRPA core values and bylaws have been compromised and that the organization is not being transparent. 
    There comes a point when we, as a sponsor, have to consider if displaying the IVRPA logo, and paying for banner ads is actually impacting our company. If you look bad we look bad and currently public perception seems to be fueling the flames. We do hope assertive change is forthcoming. We are not there yet but without addressing these concerns we may have to consider taking down our banner and removing all affiliation from the IVRPA until such time it has regained its former stature with clearly defined goals for growth.

    Minor observation and a purely subjective opinion but profile images with smiles tend to convey friendliness and approachability. First impression is a powerful tool.

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    Bill Bailey
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    This is an interesting thread as we get similar questions quite often. It’s great to hear Keiths perspective. As a hardware manufacturer our barometer in the panoramic arena draws an interesting light so I’m happy to share our perspective as well so others might learn.

    1- How did you get into 360 Photography?
    A: With the advent of growing technology, (ie. software, digital cameras, internet) Virtual Reality photography “is” the fastest growing genres in photography.

    2- Which category do you specialize in?
    A: Since our inception in 2004 VR photography has been spreading and evolving like a wild fire. Nowadays we’re found surprised if we find someone who has never heard of virtual reality photography. Some the the industries and areas of interest we see companies and people are using include (but certainly not limited to):

    • Media/Production Companies
    • Educational Institutions
    • Engineering, Survey & Architectural
    • Governmental Agencies, Law Enforcement, Forensics
    • Museums, Parks
    • Landscapes, Cityscapes
    • Super High Resolution Imagery
    • Head set Virtual Reality
    • Google Street View and mapping
    • Hobbyists and Artists
    • and heaps more…..

    3- How do you see the ecosystem 360 Photography? In which areas does it soar most?
    A: Google! Google maps, Google Street View, Google Earth – Google is a major player in the industry. Self driving and autonomous operation of vehicles and services which use 360 degree technology are rushing to market. With the addition of photogrammetry (measuring of distances inside a space) we can now survey, measure buildings and even calculate land mass.

    4- Where and how do you find your clients?
    A: Creative marketing and outreach. Depending on your special area of interest each requires a bit of thought and planning. You need to be proactive and not afraid to knock on doors.

    5- What is your rate?
    A: A loaded question. There is no one rate. If you treat this as a business you have to weigh in many factors to include (but not limited to):

    • Local demographics (economy, trends, etc.)
    • What you can bring to the table that others are not.
    • How much money do you have invested in equipment and overhead to run your business.
    • How much is the competition asking.
    • How much money you want to make.
    • Experience – the more you know the more you can charge.
    • Base your rate on what “you” feel comfortable with and market that rate with confidence.

    6- Do you think you get enough exposure or would you like to join a group or platform that would exhibit you?
    A: Aside from the old school knocking on doors the internet has valuable tools at your disposal. It takes trial and error and expanding on the ideas that prove to work better than others. We call this return on investment (ROI). For every $1 you spend what return will you see with resulting work or sales. A good start is Google Adwords. Participating in trade shows and conferences can be very expensive but in addition to actual sales (some trade shows don’t allow for actual sales) you have to give weight to exposure, networking, and gaining new aliases and partnerships.

    7- Would you pay for it? Why? And would you pay if it got you projects?
    A: Assuming you’re referring to Q#6 again it’s all about “ROI”. Study and learn about the groups you are participating in and reach out to other vendor and sponsors for questions. Some sponsors and vendors have paid as much as $40K on a conference or as little as $5 (Google Adwords) it’s about ROI. Explore your options and set a budget.

    8- Are you a Google Trusted Photographer? If not, why? If yes, what do you personally get out of it?
    A: No but we know a few that are. The whole GTP program as relaxed over the years. We know of GTP’s that are very successful and many that are not – you get out what you put in. Being pro-active and passionate about what you do and services your provide will drive any business in a forward direction.

    9- Do you work with any other companies or platforms?
    A: Networking, building alliances and working with other companies is important to a companies success as long as each is able to bring benefit to the other.

    10- Where do you think 360 wins over VR
 and if there’ anything you’d like to add from your experience, shoot away :)
    A: They tie together. 360 degree photography can be viewed flat in a photography (equirectangular) or viewed as interactive media allowing viewer to rotate around and zoom. Some applications also allow for distorting (as with little planet views) and viewing with headsets. The trend is moving towards more interactivity with and endless amount of tools become more available to the viewer.

    Your questions would suggest you do not have much experience in this genre. I recommend viewing some of the videos presented by IVRPA from their conferences. Also search Facebook for groups on panoramic photography and google panoramic photography forums. Be creative and try to think outside the box.

    Hope this helps.


    "turning heads"

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