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    Hi Luc,thanks for the feedback ,I’ll address your points:

    1) “What if you put the Theta on a tripod and then only use one hand? What if, on top of using a tripod, your phone is placed on a desk and you do not use any hand?”

    So- how is that Mobile exactly? Can you move with the phone staying on your desk? Video is rarely static ,its following a constant move… and so should the filmmaker.

    2) “You disqualify a product” 

    Most certainly not. I wrote “All these cameras are indeed great quality”.

    We have the utmost respect for these companies ,but our approach is different.

    3) Samsung App works only with Samsung phones.”

    I see your point ,but our goal is to democratize 360 filming and not to create a monopoly over a product. The ways we see it ,these days are long gone and customers are not willing to fall into such traps.

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    The 360cam
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    Hi Luc
    Thanks for your feedback.
    Yes ,we’re sure the360cam is the first ever 360° Mobile Camera for VR.

    And I’ll explain why,I’ll touch only the main points in order to keep it short :)

    Currently for mobile 360° you have the following “claimed to be mobile”:

    Samsung gear 360
    LG 360 Cam
    Ricoh Theta

    All these cameras are indeed great quality,but are not really mobile :

    1)With Samsung and LG You cannot instantly live stream your 360 videos as you would do for any video on your mobile. You’d have to set a Wi-Fi/BT/NFC connectivity to your phone ,and then transfer the files over to your phone (a minute or two) ,and only then can you stream it. You’ve lost the shot!

    With our camera,the360cam, you can instantly stream to social networks.

    2)With Ricoh /LG/ Sam You’d have to use both hands while filming . One hand would hold the camera (be it Samsung gear or any other) and the other would hold your phone ,to see a live preview of what you’re filming. We think this is cumbersome ,and totally not our Mobile First approach.

    Watch this for an example: . Doesn’t it look weird to you? As a filmmaker ,the experience should be seamless ,because you have a bunch of other things occupying your mind while filming.

    With our camera , the360cam , it’s simply plug and play. Shoot with one hand ,intuitively ,see live preview on your phone,just as you would for any other video you’d take with your mobile.

    3)Samsung App works only with Samsung phones.

    We support all phones . Android and iPhones.

    Looking forward for your comments ,ask me anything. Check out the campaign and back us up!


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