Greg Downing and Grace Anderson will talk at the IVRPA 2024 Las Vegas Conference on the subject of Photogrammetry Workflows, Panos and Drones. Greg specializes in image-based 3D technologies and computational photography techniques. His photographic work has been displayed in some of the worlds most prestigious museums including the MoMA New York, American Museum of… Read More


Cristian Dominguez Rein-Loring, Creative Technical Lead at Meta will give the Opening Keynote presentation at the IVRPA 2024 Las Vegas Conference. In his keynote, Cristian will guide attendees through the evolution of immersive media at Meta, tracing its roots back to the foundational use of 360 cameras. He’ll discuss the shift towards more dynamic spatial… Read More


Stephanie Willcox will speak at the IVRPA 2024 Las Vegas Conference about ADA Web Accessibility that some view as a complicated and draining task to apply to 3D 360 content. Stephanie will tackle the guidelines for WCAG AA 2.1 and will consider how your platforms can change peoples lives with mobility issues, and vision impairment,… Read More


Michael Buday and Terry Brown will speak at the IVRPA 2024 Las Vegas Conference about their work with awe-inspiring massive circular VR system at One Ocean SeaWorld in Abu Dhabi. Michael Buday is a Senior Editor and Technologist at MacGillivray Freeman Films, with 40+ years in the business. He started his career as an assistant… Read More


Michael Quan will speak at the IVRPA 2024 Las Vegas Conference, giving an overview of current reality capture tools such as Polycam on the iPhone, to Nerfs and Gaussian Splats and the current state of LIDAR scanning. Virtual and augmented reality environments displaying 3D data will be discussed. A recently completed project, the 3D LIDAR… Read More


Geoffrey Bruce will be talking at the IVRPA 2024 Las Vegas Conference about the latest Innovations in Gamified 360° Virtual Learning Environments. Virtual 360° environments, simulations, and accessible datasets are particularly powerful means of bringing content into diverse learning environments. The capabilities, accessibility, and availability of such digital assets are advancing rapidly, but their effectiveness… Read More

VR Training

Getting Started in VR Training Webinar Saturday, March 30th at 11 AM ET, 8 AM PT, 4 PM UTC. VR Training is a rapidly growing market with measurable benefits to users. This webinar will show you how get into this lucrative market far easier than most of us thought possible. Immersive VR can provide scalable,… Read More

Digital Twins

Photographic digital twins present a rapidly expanding market, finding applications in fields such as construction, design, archaeology, architecture, urban planning, and manufacturing. Boeing is a leader in this technology space. Join us, as Jeremiah Scott, Technical Fellow at Boeing, shares the application of and use cases for spherical imaging in this domain. Saturday, March 2nd… Read More


Las Vegas, June 25 – 27 After a transformative four years, the event we’ve all been eagerly awaiting is finally here. It’s time to reunite, reconnect, and explore the world of VR/XR together — in person. Mark your calendars for an unforgettable journey from Tuesday, June 25th to Thursday, June 27th, 2024, at the Tuscany… Read More


Learn effective storytelling in VR videos and how to monetize them with a true master of the medium, Emmy Award-nominated Al Caudullo. Saturday, January 27th at 10 AM ET, 7 AM PT, 3 PM UTC. When it comes to telling a persuasive, engaging story, every medium has a language developed over decades, centuries, even millennia.… Read More

Call For Candidates Sm

The IVRPA is the only international organization serving the needs and interests of creatives in the VR/XR field. We educate and build community through webinars, in-person annual conferences, and exclusive website content. In the past two years, we’ve returned to a solid financial footing. The future is bright. We are building true benefits for our… Read More


Join IVRPA as we survey “state of the art” applications of Virtual & eXtended Reality (VR/XR) in education, medicine, safety, engineering, empathy and others. Saturday, November 18th, 11 AM ET / 8 AM PT / 3 PM UTC. When selling VR/XR to potential clients or a department within your company we are inevitably asked, “But… Read More

Smithsonian Deep Dive

If you couldn’t join us on June 24th or just have to view it again, this webinar is now available on demand. Take a deeper look at the Smithsonian’s Virtual Tours production “secrets”, and a worthy discussion about marketing VR experiences. If you already registered, click the link in your registration confirmation or reminder email.… Read More