Tuskegee VR Video

Watch IVRPA’s behind-the-scenes look into the production of this remarkable VR video and learn how Uli Futschik and Joergen Geerds use VR for education. They will share how to plan wide-ranging projects like this, shooting it to get precisely the imagery needed, post-production, directing viewers’ attention to important aspects of each 360° scene, and more.… Read More


The International Virtual Reality Professionals Association is partnering with the Augmented World Expo Conference & Expo. Since 2010, over 5,000 companies and 60,000 professionals have trusted Augmented World Expo® (AWE) to learn, connect, and grow their businesses in the XR ecosystem. Learn more about AWE here. AWE USA 2024 #1 AR/VR Conference & Expo, is… Read More

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Over the weekend the IVRPA board took a serious look at where things stood with the Las Vegas conference. As early bird discounts came to a close, registrations have been surprisingly disappointing despite a stellar lineup of speakers from the immersive media space and a significant amount of promotion. Realistically, there seemed no way to… Read More

VR Training

Getting Started in VR Training Webinar Saturday, March 30th at 11 AM ET, 8 AM PT, 4 PM UTC. VR Training is a rapidly growing market with measurable benefits to users. This webinar will show you how get into this lucrative market far easier than most of us thought possible. Immersive VR can provide scalable,… Read More

Digital Twins

Photographic digital twins present a rapidly expanding market, finding applications in fields such as construction, design, archaeology, architecture, urban planning, and manufacturing. Boeing is a leader in this technology space. Join us, as Jeremiah Scott, Technical Fellow at Boeing, shares the application of and use cases for spherical imaging in this domain. Saturday, March 2nd… Read More


Learn effective storytelling in VR videos and how to monetize them with a true master of the medium, Emmy Award-nominated Al Caudullo. Saturday, January 27th at 10 AM ET, 7 AM PT, 3 PM UTC. When it comes to telling a persuasive, engaging story, every medium has a language developed over decades, centuries, even millennia.… Read More

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The IVRPA is the only international organization serving the needs and interests of creatives in the VR/XR field. We educate and build community through webinars, in-person annual conferences, and exclusive website content. In the past two years, we’ve returned to a solid financial footing. The future is bright. We are building true benefits for our… Read More


Join IVRPA as we survey “state of the art” applications of Virtual & eXtended Reality (VR/XR) in education, medicine, safety, engineering, empathy and others. Saturday, November 18th, 11 AM ET / 8 AM PT / 3 PM UTC. When selling VR/XR to potential clients or a department within your company we are inevitably asked, “But… Read More

Smithsonian Deep Dive

If you couldn’t join us on June 24th or just have to view it again, this webinar is now available on demand. Take a deeper look at the Smithsonian’s Virtual Tours production “secrets”, and a worthy discussion about marketing VR experiences. If you already registered, click the link in your registration confirmation or reminder email.… Read More


The IVRPA Board of Directors is pleased to announce two long standing IVRPA members who have stepped up to join the IVRPA Board Directors in 2023. We are excited by the new perspectives’ and experience they bring to the IVRPA Board and they have are already contributing significantly to our webinar program for this year.… Read More