Today the Election Manager has informed the President of the association about the result of the 2019 election.Thank you very much, to our member Aleksandr Reznik for your support.

We have received 564 votes from 160 voters.
The number of votes for each candidate:

Luc Villeneuve 134
Matt Rowell 114
Loren Price 99
Brian Richards 91
Gavin Farrell 55
Juan Camilo 39
Ali Zareiee 32

That means Luc Villeneuve, Matt Rowell, Loren Price and Brian Richards will be on the board for a two years term.

The current board will determine the date for the inauguration meeting in their next board meeting on Friday, Nov. 29th 2019. In the inauguration meeting the sitting and the new directors will elect the officers of the association which then will be announced to the members.

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