Koncept VR has been on the forefront of 360 video content creation for many years now, with over 150 commercial productions, ranging from entertainment to industrial, from journalism to NGOs, from social media marketing to mini docs. Making the story the center of the experience is what makes the Koncept VR team so successful over the years.

One of the greatest powers of VR is bringing the daily struggles of communities in remote places to people who can help. The two-part story of Cheru, a little girl in West Pokot, Kenya, is one such example. It inspired people around the world to donate money and sponsor children through World Vision. But more importantly, it ultimately was the trigger for enormous change in Cheru's own community.

SAM Car is an initiative of Arrow Electronics. It is a semi-autonomous Corvette that allows handicapped people to drive the car with minimal input. The Silver Shorty Awards winning mini 360 doc follows William ‘Buddy’ Marschall, a quadriplegic former Navy F18 pilot, and how he is experiencing driving a car by himself for the first time since his accident, only using his head-movement for steering and his breath for acceleration and deceleration, and how important bodily autonomy is for handicapped people.

Date and time for this talk at IVRPA Belfast 2019 is TBD.

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Uli Futschik Koncept VR

As the Chief Operating Officer of Freedom 360 and Koncept VR, Uli manages day-to-day logistics as well as long term strategies for two successful businesses at the forefront of the cinematic VR movement. From hardware manufacturing to on-set directing she is in charge of all facets of the operations. Overseeing pre-production, location scouting, and crew…

Joergen Geerds Koncept VR

CEO, Koncept VR / Freedom360 With a background in art, film-making, photography and art direction, and as the original inventor of the modern fully spherical video as a medium, Joergen has been evangelizing cinematic VR for the past 5 years. His deep understanding of the technology allows him to push the language of VR filmmaking…

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