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During the last years Ignacio have made lot of research to find and use special setups to shoot interesting 360 videos. He had the opportunity to work on interesting projects were he used some of these setups.

The talk will be about the use of these custom setup with the Freedom360 Explorer, the use of a RC platform for moving videos and also the shooting of underwater videos using the Kolor Abyss rig.

Ignacio will share his experiences, the advantages of these medias plus, of course, some of his best tips.

Over several years, Ignacio has been researching new ways to shoot ever more interesting 360º videos. He has since had opportunities to work on fascinating projects where he has employed some of these new rigging setups, as well as new devices, in his work. The talk will be focused on the use of custom rigging setups with the Freedom360 Explorer, using remote control platforms for moving a 360º camera through a scene, and shooting underwater 360º video using the Kolor Abyss rig. Ignacio will share his experiences, the advantages of this media, and, of course, some of his best production tips.

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I'm a Spanish profesional photographer, I do 360 images since 1995... On the last years I have done many interesting projects in this area, especially on action panoramas of outdoor activities... Actually I'm working more with 360 Video.

Flying a dodecacopter during Palmela 2011 Conference

Ignacio Helicopter Ground

Ignacio Helicopter In The Air

Ignacio Interior

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