A Panoramic Workflow for Stereoscopic 3D 360º Cinematic Productions

In this talk, Antonio will go through his latest S3D360 production, a commercial short movie, and will cover the whole creation pipeline while giving some technical insights on his particular use of classic panoramic tools for stereo 360 video creation.

The growing use of head mounted displays (HMD) is making Stereoscopic 3D 360º content a hot topic these days within the virtual reality community. Good and comfortable stereo rendering imposes a set of constraints that more than doubles the workload required for its production.

Some new highly specialised S3D 360 hardware and software are currently reaching the market. Which can help optimising the production workflow but normally come at a high cost, especially when dealing with video, and thus makes it unreachable to many independent creators.

It is then important to remember that the use of standard panoramic techniques (hardware and software) can be enough to start experimenting with this sort of stereo imaging at a much lower cost, but yet at the highest quality level.


Presented by:

Antonio Victor Garcia-Serrano

Antonio Victor Garcia-Serrano Zakato Interactive Imaging


I come from a background of research in 3D computer graphics. One quiet and clear day, while surfing the net, I got hooked with the fisheye magic of panoramic interactive images. That happened by the end of the 2nd millennium, and since then I have been fishing 360º images.

3 thoughts on “A Panoramic Workflow for Stereoscopic 3D 360º Cinematic Productions – Vienna 2017

    • Antonio Victor Garcia-Serrano

      Hi Jim,

      Some particularities about this project.

      – 4096×4096 @ 60FPS
      – Recorded on 2xA7s (portraited FHD videos @60FPS, 8K S3D360 base photo).
      – Stitched with PTGui 10.0.15
      – FE to equirectangular video reprojection done with VideoStitch Studio 2.2.0
      – Equirectangular corrections, patching and colouring done with PhotoShop CC 2017
      – Video assembling Premiere CC 2017
      – Spatial sound crunching with FB360 SpatialWorkstation 2.0b2

      Recorded with R camera over the NPP, and L camera offset for stereo capturing (to be used also as the data for some further R&D based on depth-maps by Prof. Dersch).

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