Aerial Photogrammetry: 3D Structure Modeling and Mapping using Drones

Eqdron and OrbitalVision have accomplished important projects in public and private sectors. Both of them have been the axis of digital campaigns of 360 interactive technology and aerial photogrammetry for advertising and engineering projects in several fields such as construction, precision agriculture, roads, historical heritage, etc.

At the IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference Juan Jose Perez will share how he has used interactive technologies in his career. The topics he will cover:

  1. Introduction to aerial mapping and 3D modeling. What is aerial Photogrammetry?
  2. Which are the best practices for capturing aerial photo data (time to fly, number of images, flight planning, resolution, accuracies, flight height, ground sampling distance, etc.)
  3. Mapping hardware, UAV platforms.
  4. How to use a drone to create a 3D model and aerial mapping ( flight patterns and photo settings)
  5. Different aerial mapping, 3D modeling projects, and aerial drone missions.
  6. Helpful tips, tricks, and considerations while mapping on job sites.(nadir imagery, circle the structure and oblique imagery) pro-tips to take the best pictures possible to get a high-quality rendering of your 3D model
  7. How to turn the data captured by your UAV into maps and 3D models.( process the imagery to generate your 3D models)
  8. Different online processing and online mission planning ( free and paid options )
  9. Which apps should I use for my flight plan?
  10. Individuals and business who benefit from receiving up to date actionable information at a relatively low cost.
  11. Commercial applications and benefits of aerial 3D modeling ( Marketing and sales departments in multiple fields)
  12. UAV pilots and photographers/videographers who want to expand their product offerings in their business.

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Juan Jose Perez Orbital Vision

Juan Jose Perez is the CEO of EQDRON and ORBITALVISION. He is a professional photographer, director of photography and professional certified drone pilot. Over the years, he has worked in advertising photography for 18 years, in aerial photography, photogrammetry, and aerial mapping from manned and unmanned aerial platforms for 7 years, also creating 360 panoramas…

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