A trip to Antartica

Antartica Airpano Talk Prague 2015

Without proper planning, Antartica project would have been impossible to achieve

It is almost impossible to all of a sudden take off to go "shoot Antarctic". The travels in this region are planned far in advance; there is no such thing as a last minute decision. In this case, Airpano made the reservations to participate in a photo tour of the Antarctic 2 years in advance. Cancellations of the trip at any stage meant extreme financial loss, which would multiply as we approach the beginning of the expedition.
Let's figure out with Sergey Semenov the story behind such amazing adventure.

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Sergey Semenov Airpano


Born in 1983. My first conscious acquaintance with photography happened in 2003, when a simple digital 1.3Mp hand-held camera landed in my hands. I was highly impressed with the fact that a photo appeared on a screen right away! After that I became a fan of photography and dedicated all my spare time to it.…

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