Jim Zellmer will demonstrate his new app at the IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference.

This app seeks to provide the best, most interesting, curated information to help people make decisions:

Where should I go? What should I do? I have an afternoon free; what is interesting? How do you decide where to go?

I've heard these and similar questions many times. My first response was a saved email list. I subsequently made a web page. Each solution was useful, but not THAT useful. I realised would it not be better to see interesting locations on a map, on a device that people use all the time - their smartphone?

And so began the amuz app. Amuz users can quickly view interesting locations around the world. Each location may include still and panoramic images, video, the latest social network posts and links along with contact information, in multiple languages.


Jim Zellmer amuz


Jim Zellmer is an American businessman and an explorer. In 1995, with two very good friends and his wife Nancy, he co-founded a software as a service business. Jim enjoys the application of useful, emerging technologies to business, civic and exploration opportunities. A father to two daughters, Jim seeks opportunities to create and share special…

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