Panoramic Astrophotography: Merging two techniques of capturing and editing images

Thomas Bredenfeld will talk about the production of high quality night sky panoramas and will discuss the challenges, technical aspects and trade-offs of where panoramic and astro photography meet.

With modern Hi-ISO-Sensors in DSLRs and mirrorless cameras we now can produce night captures which not very long ago was possible only for astronomers with expensive hardware. Now Facebook is full of Milky Way photos. Panoramic photography also benefits from these new sensors and we see more and more night panoramas with the Milky Way in 360°.

Looking at a night panorama interactively and zooming in at high ISO, even when we use a recent Hi-ISO-Sensor, the image quality can suffer. To improve the image quality and especially to reduce the noise it's good to take a closer look at some of the techniques used in astro photography and its particular approaches for image editing and extending the function of panoramic hardware.

Presented by:
Thomas Bredenfeld

Thomas Bredenfeld Thomas Bredenfeld

Artist (painting and photography), photographer, specialist for panoramic and high resolution photography and interactive imaging.Author of the german standard book about panoramic photography.Video trainer with LinkedIn Learning.

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