BALLAVITA: An Adventure in Virtual Reality

"I want the audience to feel the action under their skin. I want them to feel like they are jumping, flying and dancing. Not just to observe but to feel. Physical action on the screen is a physical action for the audience.”

At the IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference director Gerda Leopold talks about her journey of producing and directing BALLAVITA, an upcoming narrative stereoscopic Virtual Reality film. She will show examples of the scenes and how the VR medium shaped and influenced the story itself. Sebastian Endler, Cinematographer, will give insights into the production process. BALLAVITA was filmed entirely on green screen with a custom-made VR rig, computer-generated backgrounds were added in post-production. They will explain their approach and highlight the advantages and challenges by using this technique. They will also talk about their previous project CAROUSELL, a 360° film made for a projection space and how this experiences influenced the making of BALLAVITA.

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