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Be Fearless VR: A Behind-the-Scenes-Look on the Production of 4 Virtual Reality Videos for Samsung Austria

When the team at MXR Productions were given the assignment to produce 4 VR videos on short notice for Samsung Austria, they had as good as zero prior experience in that area. Timing was a big factor during this production, which provided a true challenge. In this talk they are going to give a behind-the-scenes look on the complete production workflow - from R&D and camera selection (Nokia OZO) over the challenges they faced during production up to the choice of software (Adobe After Effects / Mettle SkyBox Studio) and finishing in post-production.

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Michael End MXR Productions

Michael End started working in the post-production department of MXR Productions in 2013, working on an abundance of different processes and projects. As postproduction supervisor he played an important part in the production of the 4 VR Videos which are the subject of this talk.

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