Hdr Vs EF 1600 - Aleksandr Reznik

Bracketed High Dynamic Range Photography Workshop

Alexandr Reznik's Bracketed (HDR) Photography workshop at the IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference will deal with different techniques for capturing and processing bracketed photos, a process often referred to erroneously by the term “HDR”. The workshop will consist of both theoretical and practical parts, covering the essentials of making and evaluating expanded Dynamic Range (DR) images.

The theoretical part of the workshop will cover:

  • The problem of modern sensor dynamic range. Modern cameras have 12-15ev DR but the scenery is less than 12 (no need for bracketing) or more than 15 (bracketing needed)
  • Methods of expanding DR during shooting: bracketing, graduated filters, flash/reflectors
  • Working with bracketed images:
    • true HDR and tone-mapping
    • automatic exposure fusion
    • manual exposure fusion
    • Photoshop “Blend If” and “Merge to HDR”
    • Manual masks and automatic luminosity masks
    • Combining different methods in Photoshop
  • How many exposures are needed? Using 2,3,5,7 or more brackets
  • Dealing with moving objects during processing of bracketed photos

The practical part of the workshop will require participants to have a computer with Photoshop CC and Ptgui installed.
The participants will be able to download sample files and make several stitches to compare results of different techniques.

A story about making a 3 day HDR and then making a 3-week exposure fusion stitch:

Aleksandr Reznik ProfessionalPanorama.com


Born in 1976 in USSR (Vilnius). Working as IT trainer since 2002. Now work as IT solution architect. Alexander start photographing in 1990. In 2009 start making panoramas and opened his photography school. His main specialization is difficult to make panoramas like handheld gigapixels, handheld bracketed panoramas etc. Since 2013 Aleksandr is running panoramas stitching…

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