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Compositing 3D VR Video from Stereo Photos and Videos Workshop

Takashi Sekitani at the IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference will offer a workshop to explain about how to handle stereoscopic graphics including stereo photo/video, 3D-180VR video, 3D-360VR video in stereo Virtual Reality. As basic introduction of stereoscopic 3D, he will first explain how to shoot stereo photography using iPhone/Android App. Also he will explain how to shoot stereo video, 3D-180VR video and 3D-360VR video with cameras in the market. Finally, he will explain the way to composite these graphics in stereo VR using a 3D projector, a 3D screen and 3D glasses.

1. Introduction, What is STEREO 3DVR
Overview of stereo 3DVR. Showing some sample videos on a 3D screen. In this workshop, a stereo 3D projector and 3D screen will be ready to show all images in stereoscopic 3D. You will get your polarized 3D glasses and anaglyph 3D glasses for free.

2. How to shoot STEREO 3D photography
Explanation of the basics of stereoscopic photography. How to shoot and align stereo photo images by using the iPhone/Android App and with stero cameras and Windows App. In this part, you will learn about proper parallax, proper interaxial, camera alignments and window violation as basics of stereo images.

3. How to shoot STEREO 3D video
Explanation of stereo 3D video shooting as an extension of stereo photo shooting. In this part, you will learn about camera types and stereo 3D movie formats.

4. How to shoot STEREO 180VR video
Explanation of how to shoot and author stereo 180VR video with 2 fisheye cameras. In this part, you will learn about what is stereo 180VR and the way to author it

5. How to shoot STEREO 360VR video
Explanation of how to shoot and stitch stereo 360VR videos by using 3D-360 cameras in market. In this workshop, Kandao Obsidian R will be a camera to learn to take 3D-360 videos. Shortly explanation of how to stitch by using Kandao App, but not included the detail of how to stitch because of time limit. In this part, you will learn about how to use recent stereo 360VR cameras.

6. How to composite them into STEREO 3DVR video
In this last part, explanation of the way to composite these graphics (stereo 3D photos, stereo 3D videos, stereo 180VR videos, stereo 360VR videos) which were explained in 2 to 5 parts into a stereo 3DVR video.

Recommend download prior to the workshop:
iPhone free version : i3DStereoid Basic
Android free version : 3DStereoid Free

Windows XP/7/8/10 App : Stereo Photo Maker
Click 'StereoPhoto Maker Ver 5.24' or newer version at the download section in that page. This App also will run on Mac with VMWare Fusion, Parallels or BootCamp.

Takashi Sekitani

Takashi Sekitani STEREOeYe

Takashi Sekitani, a freelance stereographer and stereo VR photographer living in Tokyo Japan. I've been taking stereo 3D photos/videos for 20 years. I have my own company STEREOeYe working for 3D theatres, museums, books and VR productions

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