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xRez Studio

Roxanne Shewchuk Photography

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Simon Brooksbank Blend Media

Simon Brooksbank is Head of Content at Blend Media. He has been producing, sourcing, acquiring, curating and distributing content of many genres for 25 years at both independent production companies and media agencies including Reuters, AP, Shutterstock and Getty Images. Blend Media, through the company’s global network of over 600 x 360 creators, hosts the…


Richard Broo

Richard Broo Wemersive

Richard started his career in the music industry at age seventeen, working for a music production company in Europe. After a decade working alongside major recording companies and artists, Richard jumped into the technology sector. Richard began working for an app development firm where they created one of the first VR mobile players. After successfully…


Traugott Emrich

Traugott Emrich has over 10 years of experience in aerial photography, aerial panorama photography and aerial videos. He has engineered and developed motorized camera heads (Gigapanbot), custom drones and camera gimbals for various custom applications and has a strong technical background in remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) using different flight control systems.


Greg Downing xRez Studio

Greg Downing specializes in image-based 3D technologies and computational photography techniques. His photographic work has been displayed in some of the worlds most prestigious museums including the MoMA New York, American Museum of Natural History, the Cincinnati Art Museum, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, The Tech Museum, Computer History Museum, Ars Electronica, Art…


Roxanne Shewchuk Space Explorers Academy

Space Explorers Academy's mission is to demonstrate & direct how emerging technologies are transforming life as we know it.

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