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How to Leverage the Full Potential of the Limited Composition Options Compared to Conventional Photography

Compared to conventional photography where composition is key to the artwork, the options available in spherical photography are much more limited. In this session the PanoTwins will show the options available to a spherical panographer when composing the resulting sphere. Markus and Jürgen will discuss the specific challenges of several key aspects in spherical imaging. These include for example the aspect of visible tripod setups, distance to the main subject or the impact of an object location in the equirectangular projection of a spherical image. They will illustrate the key points using examples of their work and give hints for improving your own spherical images.

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Jürgen Matern PanoTwins

PanoTwin Jürgen was infected in 2004 with the panoramic virus by his brother Markus. He is a regular participant at PanoTools and IVRPA meetings. Jürgen likes to shoot elevated panoramas with a lightweight and portable monopod construction, especially in crowded places. He uses reprojecting techniques to present his spherical panoramas as printed images.


Markus Matern PanoTwins

PanoTwin Markus got hooked with the panoramic virus in 2003 when he stumbled over a panoramic robot built with LEGO. Since then he tries to learn more about panoramic photography by attending the PanoTools and IVRPA meetings and shooting lots of panoramas in his free time.

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