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When GoPro shut down Kolor on September 14th the 360 VR world was distraught. Kolor’s Panotour Pro, in particular, has been vital tools for many of us. Declaring Kolor's applications ‘end of life’ was a body blow that shook the industry, and many wanted to know if a rescue of some kind could be achieved.

IVRPA approached GoPro to find out more and see whether a form of open source release of Panotour Pro would be possible. In our investigations, we found that Kolor and GoPro had considered several possible solutions to keep Kolor’s products alive. Sadly, this has proved to be impossible. John Story, Associate General Counsel and head of International Legal at GoPro, said that many months had been spent trying to find a better way forward, including open source, but with no success. “Open sourcing Panotour is not feasible,” he told us. While we are frustrated and saddened by this response, we have to accept GoPro’s answers.

We are disappointed to have to bring you this news. If you are a Panotour Pro user you can still use the product, but we do advise downloading installers and associated documents as soon as possible. We are confident that new products will emerge; our industry is fast-moving and resilient. However it is sad to say goodbye to one of our very widely used – and indeed widely loved – tools.

We would like to know more how it affected you and your business and what your suggestions to deal with this loss, please fill up this questionary.

2 thoughts on “End of the line for Kolor Software ?

  1. Has anyone on GoPro’s legal team explained just WHY it is “impossible” to keep Kolor s/w on the market? Maybe they are just hanging onto it in hopes of selling it to someone? If so, maybe someone should make them an offer they can’t refuse.

    Bill Bailey should take them to small claims court over the vouchers issue, and IVRPA should pay his legal bills. A legal process could force them to disclose their real intentions. It would at least serve to remind them that they have some responsibilities to Kolor customers.

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