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Hands-on with Facebook Live 360 and Spatial Audio

Learn more about Facebook's latest 360 launch: Live 360, and how we're bringing spatial audio into 360 video and Live 360 to enhance the viewer's immersive experience.

In this workshop lead by people from our Product and Engineering team, you’ll get hands-on experience with the cameras and tools used to create Live 360 and capture spatial audio.

At the end this workshop, you should walk away with:

  • An understanding of when 360 should be used and when you should go Live
  • The camera set-up you need for unique Live scenarios
  • Experience going Live in 360 with a mobile attachment 360 camera
  • An understanding of how to capture spatial audio during production
  • Experience adding spatial audio to a pre-captured 360 video

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Maheen Sohail Facebook

Maheen Sohail is a Product Designer at Facebook working on immersive media and Social VR. She is passionate about democratizing virtual reality and bringing these experiences to the masses. As a filmmaker herself, she is most interested in the potential of immersive storytelling. Prior to Facebook, Maheen worked at Electronic Arts as a UX Designer.


Caitlin Ramrakha Facebook

Hailing from Australia, Caitlin spent her early marketing career in the education and non-profit sectors, focusing on educational and fundraising campaigns, and bringing community together around unique causes. Since joining Facebook in October 2014, she has lead marketing for Facebook’s 360 products including 360 videos, photos, audio, live and the Facebook 360 app for Gear…

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