ForgeJS Workshop: Want to shape your 360-degree content into fully immersive and interactive VR experiences?

GoPro introduced ForgeJS, an open source set of tools to let you build the most immersive experiences out of your 360-degree content.

ForgeJS enables VR creators to dive deeper into the art of immersive storytelling. Beyond just sharing 360-degree videos, these tools will allow the creation of interactive VR stories that gather and use all kinds of content.

ForgeJS is at the cutting edge of current technology: it handles WebVR, MPEG-DASH and Ambisonic audio.

ForgeJS is a JavaScript framework designed to be used by developers. It's free and open-source: build and share your own plugins and take your VR experiences to the next level.

In this workshop, developer Benjamin Baudel will show you the capabilities of ForgeJS and will share some tips & tricks for the best use of the ForgeJS code.


Presented by:
Benjamin Baudel

Benjamin Baudel

Previously software developer and project leaders at Kolor / GoPro, Benjamin was focusing on authoring projects, including Panotour and ForgeJS.

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