FPE: First Person Emotion

At the IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference Mohamed Marouene from SoWhen? will talk about how he used First Person Point of View to generate the emotion needed for their prevention campaign for the SNCF. at the IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference.

He will discuss the challenges encountered:
∙ Creating the ExOZO their exoskeleton for mounting the OZO on a body
∙ A complex scene with precise timing and a stunt
∙ Challenging light conditions


Mohamed Marouene SoWhen?


"The Vision and the Concept" Having an audio-visual production background and drawing on his extensive experience in post-production agency, Mohamed specializes in filmmaking and cinematographic production. He has worked on the feature film Logorama that has received an Academy Award in 2009. Founding member of SoWhen?, he focuses all of his digital art and new…

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