FXL EPUB, otherwise known as ‘fixed-layout eBooks’, is a new digital publishing format that can – now – support embedded panoramas, including custom interactivity and multiple-node tours. Producing panoramas in this format has been incredibly complex – so much so that it hasn’t ever been done commercially. But there is now a way that’s quick, easy, and entirely visual.

Keith will explain what this digital publishing format allows in general, why it is worth considering as for both you and your clients, and exactly how to produce fixed-layout eBooks with embedded panoramas.

Keith's panorama work is on

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Keith Martin

Keith Martin London College of Communication

Keith has extensive experience as a print and digital graphic designer, photographer, writer and programmer. He has worked in the print media production sector since the mid-1980s and print design since the late 1980s, developed multimedia and online projects since the beginning of the 1990s, and has worked in the magazine editorial sector since 1992.…

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