Geoffrey Bruce

Geoffrey Bruce will be talking at the IVRPA 2024 Las Vegas Conference about the latest Innovations in Gamified 360° Virtual Learning Environments. Virtual 360° environments, simulations, and accessible datasets are particularly powerful means of bringing content into diverse learning environments. The capabilities, accessibility, and availability of such digital assets are advancing rapidly, but their effectiveness and efficiency for the end user depends strongly on how they are designed and used. Over the last decade, the Center for Education Through Exploration at ASU has continually worked to improve and expand what is possible within 360° virtual environments. This work has included improvements to learning design, integration into intelligent tutoring platforms using guided inquiry and adaptive feedback, gamification, refinements in pedagogy, as well as technical improvements for how interactive digital media can be effectively used for learning. This presentation will highlight some of these key innovations in adaptive learning design, user engagement, and non-linear gamification of 360° environments.

Geoffrey Bruce is the Manager of Immersive Technologies and serves as the Chief Exploration Software Architect for the ETX (Education Through eXploration) Immersive Virtual Field Trip team at Arizona State University. His work focuses on VR, AR, XR and 360° research and development of interactive adaptive content to enhance the educational experience of users through the virtual exploration of scientifically significant sites around the world. His work ranges from the initial design concept to completion and delivery through eLearning platforms. In addition, Geoffrey is responsible for exploring new trends in non-linear adaptive technology and learning including AI, VR, gamification, engagement, and visualization as they apply to adaptive digital learning. He is also part of the research and assessment of the effectiveness of variants of these technologies and learning experiences as they are incorporated into curriculum. Geoffrey has over 30 years of experience working as an education technologist in immersive technologies and game development. He was the Technical Director in the education division at NASA for 12 years and holds a graduate degree centered on exploring intuitive learning in immersive virtual environments. Geoffrey has been involved in over 70 publications and numerous award-winning products both online and exhibit based including projects visible at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum and the Tech Museum of Innovation.

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