Getting Started in VR Training Webinar
Saturday, March 30th at 11 AM ET, 8 AM PT, 4 PM UTC.

VR Training is a rapidly growing market with measurable benefits to users. This webinar will show you how get into this lucrative market far easier than most of us thought possible. Immersive VR can provide scalable, true-to-life training with better results at lower cost than traditional methods. This is well proven. It can be an easy sell if you can provide the service. Most of us are expert VR content creators. Few of us have the skills or time to create a platform to deliver effective VR training. Few have much clue how to plan and execute a VR training program.

That is were Warp VR comes in. Warp VR has developed software to deliver immersive training on VR headsets. They have developed tools to help you plan and script VR training sessions. You can use these with your clients, including in-house, to deliver effective immersive training. They do all the back end work for you. Use your skills to make it reality. With eight years of experience working through an extensive network of external and internal producers like us, for clients in nearly every field… These guys know what works in effective VR training. That puts you leages ahead of other solutions.

Guido Helmerhorst, CGO of Warp VR, will be our webinar presentor. He will cover: The hooks to look for at clients The SPICED framework Sharing demos and marketing material Examples of successful partners Discuss pointers for success Briefly, some agency/partner specific features of Warp Studio The presentation will run about an hour with a 1/2-hour Q&A period afterward.
The live webinar is free to the VR/XR community, but you must register to attend: Register Now https://us06web.zoom.us/.../reg.../WN_1RqDRcenTVqQ0UbPYhmmsg

NOTE: To join this webinar, you MUST have the Zoom app installed on your computer, tablet, or phone. If you don't have that, aren't sure, or have an old version, download the app/program here. NOTE 2: The webinar will be recorded and available on demand to IVRPA members. Not a member? Join today for access to all past and future webinar recordings and other online content.

Our in-person Conference returns: June 25-27, Las Vegas, featuring The Sphere. Details can be found here https://ivrpa.org/event/las-vegas-2024/

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